Sunday March 10th 2019

Chorley Little Theatre 1.30pm

A Bunch of Amateurs

Written by Nick Newman & Ian Hislop

Directed by Barbara Wilcox

Monday 17th June – Saturday 22nd June

A fading Hollywood star, Jefferson Steele is duped by his exasperated Agent to perform King Lear in Stratford, England.

Steele assumes this is the Royal Shakespeare Company.

It is actually a small Amateurs dramatics group in a sleepy Suffolk village.

‘5 Stars – “terrific comedy packed with killer comic dialogue…plenty of twists and turns – Whatson stage.’


Jefferson Steele
50 something. Insecure, brash, rude, ultimately aware of his own absurdity.
(Must have very good American accent).

Dorothy Nettle
40 something. Director of the Stratford Players and the moving force behind keeping the theatre alive. Her sweet and accommodating manner conceals her inner steel.

Jessica Steele
Late teens/early 20’ Jefferson’s daughter who has been neglected by her Hollywood star father and now wants to make him pay for it. (American Accent)

Nigel Dewbury
50/60ish Solicitor and leading light of the Stratford Players.
Pompous, stuck up and self-regarding, he believes he is the star of the show and should play all the leading roles.
He also fancies his romantic chances with Dorothy. (Very well spoken RP)

Mary Plunkett
50 + Owner of the Rectory bed and breakfast. Jolly, generous and unashamedly adoring Jefferson Steele fan- although somewhat confused about which roles he played in his films, and how keen he is on her.

Dennis Dobbins
40+ Handyman and village Mr. Fix it. Slightly dull, Dennis is star struck by Jefferson and fancies heading up his entourage of one.

Lauren Bell
30+ Marketing executive.
Former physiotherapist and the sponsor’s wife.
Passionate about the arts and smarter than her husband allows her to be.
She is treated as a bimbo because of her looks.

At the audition

I will bring the set pieces, which you will have time to read with a cuppa – tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Please have a look at your calendars for any holidays/special events you would need to take from rehearsals (especially week of 17th – 22nd June) I would also be looking for full cast availability the week before opening please.

I love this script, can’t wait to bring it to life.

Anything you need to know? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Look forward to seeing you there

Barb xx

CADOS presents
‘Our Town’
Written by Thornton Wilder

To be produced and directed by Mark Jones

Auditions on Sunday 27th January 2019 - 2pm at Chorley Little Theatre

The Performances
Mon 29 April - Sat 4 May 2019 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre

The Rehearsals
Tuesdays (7.30-10pm), Fridays (7.30-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – a full rehearsal schedule will be issued, once the play has been cast.

This Play
It was first produced in 1938, and went on to win the ‘Pulitzer Prize’ for literature, its reputation as an American classic has increased over the years. Every day in 2018 in America there was a production of this play being performed. What is it about? - Brooks Atkinson, in his review of Our Town's first performance, had this to say: "Mr. Wilder has transformed the simple events of human life into universal theme. He has given familiar facts a deeply moving, philosophical perspective. . . . Our Town is, in this columnist's opinion, one of the finest achievements of the current stage." And in the opinion our director - Mark Jones – ‘it still is’. Ultimately – one of the characters – ‘the Stage Manager’ sums it up - "This is the way we were, in our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying”.

This Production

No set, no make-up, no props, no sound effects, no costume (you will not be naked - but no period costume I mean). But it will have live originally composed music – and YOU…. The actors. This production is about acting – you DO NOT need American accents – you will use your own voice/accent.

The Director
This will be Mark’s 14th production for CADOS, following on from ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’ (2018), ‘Our House’ (2017), ‘Pals’ (2016), ‘The Final Problem’ (2015) ‘Breaking the Code’ (2014); ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ (2013), ‘Memory of Water’; ‘Oliver Twist’ (both 2011), ‘Blood Brothers’ (2010) ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2007), ‘Amadeus’, ‘Half a Sixpence’ (both 2005) and ‘Great Expectations’ (2004).

Mark has also been Artistic Director of CADOS for the last 6 years.

The Auditions - Interested?
There is NO preparation to do before the audition – audition pieces will be provided on the day. However, here is a link to the full script if you want to read it ahead of the audition:-

About the Roles
Minimum age - You must have left secondary school.
So there are 18 characters in this play – some male, some female – some could be changed to male or female. Some could be doubled up - so you play a few characters. Age? Depends who turns up. The whole thing could be played by 18 year olds or by 80 year olds – depends who turns up. Turn up! We are keen for this production to be full of new people or people who haven’t been our stage for a while.

The Roles:-

Stage Manager -  The Stage Manager exercises control over the action of the play, cueing the other characters, interrupting their scenes with their own interjections, and informing the audience of events and objects that we cannot see.

George Gibbs  - Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’s son. A decent, upstanding young man, George is a high school baseball star who plans to attend the State Agricultural School after high school. His courtship of Emily Webb and eventual marriage to her is central to the play.

Emily Webb -  Mr. and Mrs. Webb’s daughter. Emily is George’s schoolmate and next-door neighbor, then his fiancée, and later his wife. She is an excellent student and a conscientious daughter. After dying in giving childbirth, Emily joins the group of dead souls in the local cemetery and attempts to return to the world of the living. Her realization that human life is precious because it is fleeting is perhaps the central message of the play.

Dr. Gibbs  - George’s father and the town doctor. Dr. Gibbs is also a Civil War expert. His delivery of twins just before the play opens establishes the themes of birth, life, and daily activity. He and his family are neighbours to the Webbs.

Mrs. Gibbs -  George’s mother and Dr. Gibbs’s wife. Mrs. Gibbs’s desire to visit Paris—a wish that is never fulfilled—suggests the importance of seizing the opportunities life presents, rather than waiting for things to happen. At the same time, Mrs. Gibbs’s wish for the luxurious trip ultimately proves unnecessary in her quest to appreciate life.

Mr. Webb  - Emily’s father and the publisher and editor of the town’s newspaper. Mr. Webb’s report to the audience in Act 1 is both informative and interactive, as his question-and-answer session draws the audience physically into the action of the play.

Mrs. Webb  - Emily’s mother and Mr. Webb’s wife. At first a no-nonsense woman who does not cry on the morning of her daughter’s marriage, Mrs. Webb later shows her innocent and caring nature, worrying during the wedding that she has not taught her daughter enough about marriage.

Mrs. Soames -  A gossipy woman who sings in the choir along with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs. Mrs. Soames appears in the group of dead souls in Act III. One of the few townspeople we meet outside of the Webb and Gibbs families.

Simon Stimson  - The choirmaster, whose alcoholism and undisclosed “troubles” have been the subject of gossip in the town for quite some time.

Rebecca Gibbs -  George’s younger sister. Rebecca’s role is minor, but she does have one very significant scene with her brother.

Wally Webb -  Emily’s younger brother. Wally is a minor figure, but he turns up in Act III among the group of dead souls. Wally dies young, the result of a burst appendix on a Boy Scout trip. His untimely death underscores the brief and fleeting nature of life.

Howie Newsome -  The local milkman. Howie’s reappearance during every morning scene—once each in Acts I, II, and III—highlights the continuity of life in the town and in the general human experience.

Joe Crowell, Jr. -  The paperboy. Joe’s routine of delivering papers to the same people each morning emphasizes the sameness of daily life in the town.

Si Crowell  - Joe’s younger brother, also a paperboy. Si’s assumption of his brother’s former job contributes to the sense of constancy that characterizes the town throughout the play.

Professor Willard  - A professor at the State University who gives the audience a report on the town. Professor Willard appears once and then disappears.

Constable Warren -  A local policeman. Constable Warren keeps a watchful eye over the community. His personal knowledge of and favour with the town’s citizens bespeaks the close-knit nature of the town.

Sam Craig -  Emily Webb’s cousin, who has left the town to travel west, but returns for her funeral in Act III. Though originally from the town, Sam has the air of an outsider.

Joe Stoddard -  The town undertaker. Joe prepares Emily’s grave and remarks on how sad it is to bury young people. This statement emphasizes a theme that grows ever more apparent throughout the play and receives its most explicit discussion in Act III: the transience of human life.

If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact the Director – Mark Jones on - 07877 111 248

Do you want to be in this year’s Pantomime? Then come along to our Beauty and The Beast cast auditions on Sunday 16thSeptember at 1:30pm!

Production Dates: Friday 14th - Saturday 22th December 2018 

Director: Zoe Duffin-Jones

Musical Director:Amy Hardcastle

Producer and Choreographer:Rebecca Dickinson

Assistant Choreographer: Cara Jones

Costume: Sandra Dickinson
Stage Manager: Mike Taylor 

If you would like to join the crew in any capacity, please let us know! We are particularly interested in anyone over 16 who wants to set-paint, build and find unusual props, or wants to be involved in the technical side. 

The Director: 

Director Zoe Duffin-Jones has been a long standing member of CADOS since the age of 6, having danced and acted numerous musicals, pantomimes and plays. She made her directing debut in 2014 with ‘Shakers’, to go on with ‘Talking Heads’ in 2015 and then in 2016 the hit production of ‘The Railway Children.’  Now she’s back directing this year’s panto, which is packed full of jokes, comedy , slapstick, songs and dances.

The Story:

The classic fairy-tale gets a pantomime twist, a castle full of curious characters and mystery following local girl Belle on her adventure, will she find true love?

All cast MUST be 17 or over during the performance of the show.

For more information please contact Zoe Duffin-Jones on 07447 452488 or via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anyone who wants to audition for a part with singing marked next to it please bring a back track on CD or device (iPod etc.) to the audition and be prepared to sing.

For musical enquiries, contact Amy Hardcastle on 07724 851227. We advise you chose a track suitable to the nature of the show i.e. fun, uplifting, aspirational.

Audition pieces will be given out at the audition.


S - Singing required within the show and therefore singing audition will be required (as above)

D = Dancing within the show.  M= Movement within the show(i.e. finale routine)

All age ranges are guides only.  Don’t let them put you off auditioning as we are looking for someone who is right for the part, even if that means being flexible on the age.

 Available parts:



Belle (F) Traditional principal girl. Spirited and a strong character. Strong singer required and the ability to dance.




Snowy White (F) Traditional pantomime fairy. Needs good audience interactions and a strong singing voice.




Prince Sebastian/The Beast (M) A strong character and good singing voice needed.




The Wicked Witch (F) Traditional pantomime baddie.




Jean (M) pronounced ‘John’- fancies himself and Belle. (Think Lord Flashheart in Blackadder). Comedy duo with David. Singing required.




David (M) pronounced ‘Daved’. Camp. Comedy duo with Jean. Singing required.




Papa (M) Belle’s father




Front-End (M/F) front of the pantomime horse- comedy role (Think Stan Laurel)




Back-End (M/F) back of the pantomime horse- comedy role (Think Oliver Hardy)




Tick (M/F) the clock. Character along the lines of Sid James. Singing required.




Spark (M/F) the candlestick. Character along the lines of Leslie Phillips. Singing required.




Mrs Spout (M) Traditional pantomime dame. Must have good audience interactions. Singing required.




Freya & Alice (F) The dame’s daughters- will be cast from dancers- not required to attend cast acting auditions.





Do you want to be a dancer in this years’ Pantomime?

Then come along to the auditions on Saturday 15th September 2018at Chorley Little Theatre.

Registration from 8.50am, starting at 9am (aiming to be finished by 12pm).

If you are aged over 6 years old, and believe you can act, sing and dance then we would like to see you there. Formal dance training is preferred but not necessary.

Please ensure you are available for all the performance dates and the week prior before auditioning. If you are not available for all dates, you may not be considered.

Please ensure you dress appropriately and bring dance shoes and adequate drinks as you will be dancing throughout the audition period. Parents / Guardian mustremain with any child (including those aged 16 and still at school) throughout the audition day.

For any further information please contact Rebecca Dickinson, Choreographer, on

07521 977707 or state your interest through our Facebook event!


DO read the character descriptions and be realistic about if you are right for the part to avoid disappointment!

DON’T do a half-hearted audition or just read the part – we want to see characters who are interesting and engaging, and the sort of characters we would want to spend 3 hours watching!

DO make sure you have learnt your song if you are doing a singing audition

DON’T be nervous – you’re only acting to two or three people and if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter – we’re looking to see if you could play these roles after a few months rehearsals and not that night!

DO use your reading time before the audition to plan how you are going to deliver the lines and read it out loud with other people going for roles

DON’T assume that you have it ‘in the bag’ and so don’t bother putting much into your audition – we want to see your performance

DON’T assume someone else has it ‘in the bag’ - it comes down to performances on the day and how everyone fits together

DO choose a song that shows off your vocal range and lets you really sell the song – if you can sing high or low, have a good belt or a great pop voice then pick a song that lets us know about it!

DON’T just stand there – move around the stage and use your body language and gestures to sell your performance

DO have a go! If you fancy trying out then don’t assume that everyone will be better than you – it might be that you are just the person we are looking for!



‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ by Dario Fo

Directed by Robert Walsh

Production Dates – 25thFebruary 2019 – 2ndMarch 2019, curtain up 7:30pm each night.

Date and time of audition – 28thOctober 2018, 10am-1pm

Set in Milan, the play satirises the story of an anarchist railway worker who ‘accidentally’ fell to his death from a police headquarters building in 1969. It is a political farce. It was extremely successful in Italy and translated and performed around the world. But most importantly…it is very, VERY funny!

The success of the play is extremely dependent on having actors in every role that are strong comedic performers. They need to be able to improvise and find comedy through instinct. Therefore, the audition will be split into two parts. No preparation is needed, just show up and give it a go!

Part 1: A short group workshop session that will consist of quick warm-up improvisational games and small group work. I want my actors to feel comfortable working and collaborating with each other and this will allow me to see these vital qualities in action!

Part 2: Individual or group reading of sections from the play, which will be provided on the day. You’ll be given time to rehearse these scenes before performing. You may be asked to read more than one scene and be put into different groups so I can see who works best together.

In the original script there are 5 male roles and 1 female role. However, I feel that a female actor could play some of the ‘male’ roles. Age ranges are an approximation; as long as you are over 16 years old and have left high school feel free to give it a go! I am looking for the best comedic performers, not who ‘fits’ the original character descriptions. In terms of accents, a neutral, RP or your own accent is fine, as while the setting is Italy we won’t be replicating the dialect. 

The part



Short character description and auditionee notes.



M or F

A literal Manic! Needs an experienced, quality performer for a demanding role.




Uptight, has a temper. Appears in the first and last scenes of the play.



M or F

Highly strung and frustrated, loves him/herself.




An intimidating presence with an explosive temper when angered.  



M or F

Minimal dialogue but a constant presence. Needs a quality physical comedy performer.




Portrayed as a stereotypical ‘Femme Fatale’. Appears towards the last scene of the play.



There will be a read-thru shortly after the audition. Rehearsals will be once a week during 2018 on a weekday evening. Once we hit the turn of the year, there will be three rehearsals per week on weekdayevenings.  Then, closer to the run of the show, there may be a requirement for an additional rehearsal on a Sunday morning/afternoonup until the run of the show. All rehearsals will be scheduled with cast availability in mind. A full rehearsal schedule will be provided at the initial read-thru.

For more information, contact me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Do you like theatre? Do you like comedy? Do you have a general disregard for the establishment? Then you may enjoy this ruddy good farcical comedy thing if you said yes to some of what I wrote!

Hi, I’m known as Manic! The director was too lazy to write a blurb so he let the main character do it instead. Set in 1969 Milan, this daft little play by Dario Fo is a romantic escapade about a master of disguise and all round genius, that is me referring to myself by the way, and the longings of the fascist police bourgeois who want to be taught a lesson! The master of disguise/genius takes advantage of the police vulnerabilities during a time of controversy! Apparently, people accidently fall out of police headquarters windows now. So, who is better to sort this accident-gate scenario than the most qualified person in Italy…a certified lunatic!

Tickets are available by paying with money. Seats are provided. Free foot massages are provided. One of those may be a fib…don’t ask me which, I’m not sure myself! 

Kind regards,


A.K.A. Professor Antonio Rabbia, Psychiatrist. Formerly, Lecturer at the University of Padua.


FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME by Terry Wynn. Directed by Steve Unsworth

Auditions: Sunday 24th June, 11am - 1pm (registration from 10.30am)

Production: Monday 15th - Saturday 20th October

Message from the director: Although the theme appears to be heavily rugby based, it isn’t really; it’s a play about community, social injustice, belief and values – it’s very human... there’s not a rugby move in sight! Although I have my own clear ideas, I want to encourage an ensemble piece where we all have ownership, where the actors (where possible) provide the music, manage the scene changes, and so on. Rehearsals are to be negotiated once the cast are in place. Any questions.....drop me a line or give me a ring

The Play A new play, laced with Northern wit, about sporting apartheid in the North of England. Set in the period from 1980 to 1995 it shows how a young man is prevented from playing for his club team because he has played another sport. It displays the prejudice of the Rugby Football Union to those who played Rugby League and as time moves on shows the fight to beat this attitude of Twickenham’s “Old Farts”. Some of the dialogue is taken from the book "Rugby's Class War" by David Hinchliffe, one of the MPs who were prominent in creating the environment that led the RFU to make changes to their discriminatory rules that had been enshrined for 100 years.

The cast:

Jason, whom the story revolves around. At University in York, where he has gained his LL.B and is now studying for his Law Society Finals. Plays fly half for a top Yorkshire Rugby Union club. Age 22 in 1980

Doreen, his mother, typical Wiganer, always ready to speak her mind. Recently widowed, matey with Vera and they follow Wigan Rugby League team.

Vera, her pal, strong northern woman, same age as Doreen, early forties in 1980.

Kathleen, On the opposite side of the fence to Doreen and Vera when it comes to church politics, and politics in general as she is also a committed Conservative. She is also the church organist and a St Helens supporter.

Derek, the Minister of the church. In 1980 he is a young, lively, bloke-next-door type. Wears jeans, short sleeved clerical shirt and clerical collar. Becoming more conservatively dressed as the years pass. Not local to Wigan, originating from the Wirral. Knows nothing about rugby of any kind. He leads a lively congregation, keen on singing and has a good choir. Unfortunately he is saddled with an ageing building that is in desperate need of costly repairs.

Peter, the church caretaker and resident cynic, except when it comes to Rugby League. Speaks with a broad Wigan accent. Age 50ish in 1980. This character has some of the wittiest lines and is well featured in the play.

George, the rugby prop forward who always leads the singing in the changing rooms. Lawyer but rough as a badgers bum. Middle class Yorkshire man. Age 30 in 1980. Sings quite a lot and is a central character.

Simon, at 19 the youngest member of the rugby team, well educated but naïve in the politics of the club. Only appears in first half.

The Coach, in his 50’s, tough and ruthless. Only appears in scene 6.

Roger Stott MP. Only appears in the second half. Age mid 30’s in 1980.

Gerald Kauffman MP, the chairman of the House of Commons Hearing. Only appears in scene 12. Depending on cast availability this could be played by The Coach.

Four Witnesses at the hearing in scene 12; depending on cast availability could be played by the Simon, George, Derek and Peter cast members.

Please note: It is envisaged that all cast members can sing (please prepare to sing ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘Jerusalem’ for audition)

For a copy of the script please email Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he’ll send an electronic copy. He can also be contacted on 07758243651 or on Facebook/Messenger

Probable Audition sections

Doreen – speech p110-111
Kathleen – mono p 60
Jason/George/Simon – p 18 – 20
Peter – 75 – 76 (re comic timing)
Derek/Peter – p 6/7......add Doreen/Vera/Kathleen p 7-9

Vera/Doreen/Derek/Kathleen/Peter – p38 – 42
Simon/George/Derek/Peter/Coach – ability to play a witness in last scene change of vocal and physicality needed – for audition all will present p 111 Witness 4 speech