Chorley Little Theatre is entirely owned and operated by volunteers from Chorley Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society (CADOS)




COMMITTEE 2012-2013

Lesley Duckworth: President

Ken Dodd: Honorary Vice President

Ian Robinson: Chairman/Marketing/Bookings

Kath Townsend: Secretary

John Griffin: Treasurer

Mark Jones: Artistic

Andy Burke: Child Protection

Libby Burke & Rosie Pemberton: Youth Theatre Chairperson

Paul Carr: YT/Technical

Sandra Dickinson: Wardrobe/Box Office

Sean Duxbury: Marketing

Ro Roberts: Raffle

Sarah Rosental: Membership

Ian Ormonroyd: Bar/Buidling

Wendy Benton: Health & Safety


We are looking for someone to help with Fundraising. If you can help, please contact us here.